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Grandmothers Against Gun Violence: Rallying for a safer future

By Nozomi Kurioka The Daily May 28, 2019

Just days after the December 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in which 20 school children and six staff members were killed, Washington grandmother Margaret Heldring was sitting down to have dinner with three of her friends.

“We realized at that moment, we were all grandmothers of six-year-olds,” she said. “And in the course of that conversation popped the idea: Grandmothers Against Gun Violence.”

Grandmothers Against Gun Violence (GAGV) is a nonprofit grassroots organization that advocates gun safety and responsibility and the reduction of gun violence with the goal of creating a safer world for their grandchildren. The group began with just a few grandmothers and since has grown to a group of 1,200. Though Seattle-based and mainly active in Washington state, members reside in 30 different states around the country.

“Sandy Hook was a start of another gun violence prevention movement in this county, and the Washington state legislature, very much like Congress, failed to do anything in response,” Heldring, chair and founder of GAGV, said. “It was going to be up to the people.”

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Grandmothers On The Move

Because we believe it is never too late 

We are an active, effective, enduring grassroots organization. We speak up. Stand up. Show up. Our strength is in our numbers and cumulative life experiences.

We are proud of our deep roots and values of inclusion. We are former teachers, nurses, attorneys, mothers, homemakers, business women, community volunteers, doctors, artists, professors, activists, and public policy experts. 

We are citizen activists. We provide public education, support research and legislation into all aspects of gun violence prevention.

As grandmothers, we seek a safer world for our grandchildren and for theirs.

We welcome you!


We seek a safer world for our grandchildren and for theirs.

Grandmothers Against Gun Violence works collaboratively with other groups to reduce gun violence and remedy the complex societal factors that contribute to a culture of gun violence.

We support efforts to improve access to and delivery of mental health services and increased research into the causes of violence and into effective prevention.