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We advocate for smart gun laws by contacting local legislators, making calls, writing letters, petitioning, and showing up for our Annual Lobby Day at the state capital, Olympia, WA.


2019 WA State Legislative Session Update

Final Report of GAGV Priority Bills in 2019 Washington State Legislative Session

The 2019 WA legislative session adjourned sine die at midnight on April 28, just meeting the deadline.

2019 WA Legislature set records for supporting more gun violence reduction bills than ever before!  More bills were introduced, considerably more hearings were held, there was increased bipartisan support and 10- yes, ten!- bills were passed that will directly increase gun safety.

Among the bills that passed were 8 of our priorities, most now awaiting signature by the Governor: (Click on bill for more information.)

  • SHB 1225: Sets standards for removal of weapons by law enforcement officers in domestic violence calls. Amended bill passed the House 55-41. Passed Senate 27-20.  

  • SHB 1739:  Bans undetectable and untraceable “ghost guns”.  Amended bill passed the House 56-40. Passed Senate 30-18.  

  • SHB 1786:  Strengthens laws to surrender weapons relating to protection orders, no-contact orders, and restraining orders. Amended bill passed the House 54-42.  Passed Senate 25-20.  

  • SHB 1949:  Creates a study of the efficacy of establishing a single point of contact for the firearm background check system.  Passed House 97-0.  Passed Senate 48-0. Governor signed Apr. 17th.

  • ESSB 5027:  Adds enhancements to Extreme Risk Protection Orders, including those for juveniles and penalties.  Passed House 56-37. Amended bill passed the Senate 31-18. .  

  • SSB 5181:  Prohibits the possession or control of a firearm for 6 months by a person who has been detained for 72-hour evaluation and treatment.  Passed House 55-40.  Amended bill passed the Senate 26-21.   

  • SB 5205: Sets provisions governing firearms possession by persons found incompetent to stand trial.  Passed House 53-39. Amended bill passed the Senate 32-17.   

  • SB 5508:  Requires background check for Concealed Pistol License holders when acquiring a new firearm. Passed House 93-0. Amended bill passed the Senate 47-0.   


Equally exciting, the legislative budget provides $1 million to the University of Washington for a firearm policy research program to investigate firearm deaths and injury risk factors, evaluate the effectiveness of state firearm laws and policies, assess the consequences of firearm violence, and develop strategies to reduce the toll of firearm violence to citizens of the state.  This is rare WA State funding for research on gun violence! 

In addition, the budget provides funding to implement some of the above-passed bills and I-1639, and several other related programs, including a Youth Violence Prevention Strategy in Federal Way.


GAGV priority legislation that failed to pass provides a glimpse into what we’ll be working on the 2020 WA Legislation Session. Chief among those bills are ones that would limit high capacity gun magazines; ban assault weapons; prohibit firearms in childcare centers, libraries and parks; and authorize the WA State Patrol to destroy guns used in crimes.

In addition, there is still work to be done regarding firearms and domestic violence, suicide prevention and Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs).

And, in these areas we need your help to grow our understanding of the issues and help plan our strategy for the next session when they will likely come up again. If you have expertise, personal or professional experience, or interest in any of these subjects, please contact Jennifer Dolan-Waldman, jdolanwaldman@gmail.com or Pati Otley pdotley@comcast.net, co-chairs of the Legislative Committee.


The GAGV Legislative Committee listed below thanks each of you who contributed to this success by contacting your legislators or others, you who participated in our Lobby Day, and you who testified during the 2019 session.  Each of you deserve credit for the incredible progress we are making!

Pati Otley Maureen Frisch Lisa Losh

Jennifer Dolan-Waldman Kathy Gottlieb Judy McBroom

Margot Blacker Bert Greenwood Jane Noland

Sue Cary Winona Hollins Hauge Paula Salewsky

Paula Corbridge Margot Hill Carol Taylor-Cann

Yes on I- 1639 Campaign

Grandmothers have been advocating for measure I- 1639 since day one! We proud helped set a record of collecting over 375,000 signatures supporting I-1639 To Prevent Gun Violence in just three weeks! To help get out the vote, we have written thousands of YES ON 1639 postcards to voters, and have stood by Mayor Jenny Durkham as she signed the City of Seattle support for I-1639, Safer Schools Safer Communities.