2017 GAGV Lobby Day in Olympia, January 24

Thank you to our Legislative Chairs, Pati Otley and Sue Carey and their committee for organizing a very successful Lobby Day.  Sixty two strong, we rode the bus to Olympia, wore orange, visited legislators and delivered letters from constituents from all over the state in support of Dangerous Access Prevention and Ban on Assault Rifles & High Capacity Magazines.  We will continue to keep the pressure on our legislators for gun sense legislation, that the people of Washington state support!


GAGV 5th Anniversary Celebration, March 14

Join us for a very special evening at the Northwest African American Museum on March 14 to celebrate five years of Grandmothers Against Gun Violence.  Details will be coming!


Program Meeting, Tuesday April 18

10:15 at Mt Zion Baptist Church, 1634 19th Ave, Seattle, WA

MARK YOUR CALENDAR!  Details coming soon ~

Grandmothers Against Gun Violence is committed to gun safety & responsibility.
 We are working to make this a safer world with so many other groups, including 
Alliance for Gun Responsibility, Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, 
Faith Action Network and Cease Fire. Onward!               !