Grandmothers with Sen Frockt on Lobby Day
GAGV Lobby Day in Olympia
GAGV Lobby Day in Olympia March17th
I-594 Rally Speaker, Richard Martinez, with Margy Heldring. Saturday, November 1st
GAGV Rally for I-594 in Meridian Park on Grandparents Day, September 7th
Governor Gregoire and Margy Heldring supporting I-594
Seattle Central Public Library Sit-In - Saturday, March 1st, 2014
Seattle Central Public Library Sit-In and Story time - Saturday, March 1st, 2014
Grandmothers go to Olympia January 30 to lobby for background checks!


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What: Seattle Be SMART Presentation
When: Saturday, June 13, 10:30 AM
Where: Seattle Central Library
Seattle, WA

Moms Demand Action launched the Be SMART campaign because people like you have an enormous role to play in keeping kids safe from gun violence. By simply talking to your friends and neighbors about responsible gun storage, you can help save lives.

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Click link below to see the photo album of the day. Consider joining Facebook because the updates are terrific and you can marvel at our growing outreach across the entire country.


67067963_scaled_144x144We are Grandmothers Against Gun Violence

Our vision is to seek a safer world for our grandchildren and for theirs.

Welcome to a growing grassroots organization. We came together after the terrible tragedy in Newtown. We are grandmothers. We are women who want to use our voices in a civil conversation about gun safety, about ending gun violence in our towns, cities, and nation. Founded in Seattle, we encourage other grandmothers across the country to come together and join us. We remember that it is women who spark so much positive social change, whose determination to stand up can change a culture.